Montgomery Photography, LLC

I am a professional photographer who has been shooting for over fifteen years and have a B.A. degree in photography from Brooks Institute of Photography. I have photographed everything from architecture, to nudes, to grip and grin, and I enjoy every bit of it.

I got my start in the professional world assisting other photographers in the Bay Area. Most notably, Michele Clement. I learned the most about what I know of lighting and composition in the two and a half years I worked for Michelle in addition to my four years at Brooks Institute. She is truly a gifted artist.

I specialize in executive portraits, modeling portfolios and personalized portraits such as engangement photos and Senior pictures. Whether they be candid or commercial I find it to be the most challenging and rewarding photography.

I have experience in many disciplines. Some of my experience and work includes: Architecture, food photography, catalogue, fashion and portraiture. Please see my gallery page for examples of my work.